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Ringo the Flamingo & The Colorful day (Available NOW! For Apple Products)

Digital Download

Enjoy Kelly's newest book on any electronic device. 


The Mighty-Fine Adventure of Piper & Floyd

With Buy One Give One, and donation options.

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Original Illustration - Beetle Bug

Pen & Ink 

4.25in x 4.25in


With all my original illustrations I retain the right to the digital image for future reproduction. 


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Postcard "Love your Neighbor"

Hang this up or send it to your senator. 


Cost for this product goes toward supplies and postage. Additionally, portion of all proceeds will go towards UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) as well as The American Civil Liberties Union. 


I will be keeping 0% of the profits. I would simply like to encourage others to take action and stay moving. 


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