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Colors Book In Process

Here are snapshots from the progress on my next book! It has taken me much longer than I anticipated to get this thing finalized. However, this allowed to really experiment with different kinds of ink and paint. It was fun to finally land on a medium I really loved. And now its very close! And for all you creative folks out there, I've been brainstorming alternative print processes to get it into book form, contact me if you have any ideas! 


Mosaic Coffee Shop

I had so much fun at Mosaic Coffee shop! Thanks for sponsoring this reading! 


First graders draw Floyd! 

Ms. Agnew's 1st grade class did such a great job on the draw-along portion of the class visit! I couldn't wait to share! I love seeing all the creative ways the students drew Floyd! 


Local book readings with giraffes! 

After reading my book during story-time. Mockingbird Books (a Seattle bookstore) had me pose by the store's unofficial mascot, a large stuffed giraffe! Perfect! 


Hometowns and real life authors. 

One of my favorite hometown coffee shops is now carrying my book. Making this whole self-publishing thing feel extremely real! Its happening and there is no stopping it!