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As many of you know, Cody and I have moved abroad! Piper and Floyd and Ringo the Flamingo are still available! However many other items will be unavailable until our return. Please take a look around, or even check out details of our move in the Year Abroad tab. 

Ringo The Flamingo & The colorful Day COMING VVEERRY soon!

Ebook Available Now (For Apple Products!)

This Ebook is up and running for any apple products! Other file formats available soon! 


Enjoy Kelly's newest book on your cell phone, tablet or computer! 


Get ready to discover the primaries & secondaries with Ringo!


The Mighty-Fine Adventure of Piper & FLoyd

Donation options Available!

At $19.95 you can purchase a book as well as donate one to a charity. For $10.00 you can have a book sent strait to a charity or non-profit! MORE INFO HERE


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Original Artwork!

I will be overseas until fall 2018, but please message me if you are interested in any items!

Original Illustration - Beetle Bug

Pen & Ink 

4.25in x 4.25in


With all my original illustrations I retain the right to the digital image for future reproduction. 


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